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Imagine that a major, impactful event happened (or is about to occur) in your community. You are passionate about the issue and want to harness the power of the people around you to make some kind of positive change, but aren’t quite sure where to start. This is the reality of so many activists and organizers who use Change.org – and our team is uniquely positioned to help them when they need it most.

We have the opportunity to address many real-world challenges that can only be solved with a deep empathy for our users, diligent product & design thinking, and a strong drive to make a positive impact. Some questions we’re working on answering right now are:

How might we best support movement leaders?

What resources do people who come to our site to support an issue need?

How might we help people to celebrate, support and motivate others?

Change.org is searching for a Lead Designer with a masterful understanding of, and passion for user experience and product development processes to work within one of our multidisciplinary product teams. You will lead all aspects of the user experience, partnering with other product leads to conceive, design, and execute upon the strategy for your product team.

We’re a social impact business (a public benefit company), and the world's largest nonprofit-owned tech platform focused on civic action with 100m monthly users, 50,000+ campaigns launched on the site every month, and a 100% user-generated revenue model. Our users win campaigns for change once every hour. From strengthening hate crime legislation in South Africa and calling for racial justice in the US, to fighting corruption in Indonesia, Italy, and Brazil, and fighting violence against women in India.

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