Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network hiring now Insurance Officer تقوم شبكة فوزية سلطان للرعاية الصحية بتعيين موظف تأمين الآن

 Insurance Officer

About the job
Job purpose

Handle medical claims submitted for payment. Ensure accurate claims are created and submitted to third-party payers in accordance with timely filing deadlines.


Obtain approvals for insured patients.
Communicate with patients on their approval status, gather missing documents if any and coordinate with the patient to schedule the appointments after the
approval is received.
In case of receiving rejection on client insurance request, coordinate with the patient to check whether he/she will proceed with the clinical treatments at his/her
Prepare claim forms, monthly statements and related documentation and submit them to insurance companies.
Upon receipt of a rejected claim issued by the insurance company, record rejections/resubmissions on EHR system and follow up with the insurance company
to recover the amount that was not paid/is due.
In case of claim rejection from the insurance company, prepare the documents of rejected files and resubmits again.
Inform the Finance Department and FSHN Director about the efforts exhausted to recover the rejected amounts and provide all documentations.
Answer questions about charges, billing policies, and payment arrangements.
Train the Customer Service Officer (CSO) on insurance policies and procedures.

Bachelor’s’ degree in business administration or related field.
2 years in Medical Insurance experience.
Experience in obtaining approval and submitting claims


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