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 Culinary Director

About the job

Job Purpose :

Responsible for the creation, development and implementation of standardized and consistent culinary standards across all F&B operations of Gastronomica. Responsible for concept innovation, as well as process development and improvements relating to concept innovation, kitchen design, menu enhancement and pre-opening of new restaurants.

Responsibilities :

Accountable for the creativity and execution of all menu items across all brands

As a member of the Culinary Committee, works in partnership with the Culinary Operations Director and Senior Management in the creation, innovation, development and execution of new F&B concepts. Develops a Brand Strategy in conjunction with the Brand Manager, to define key objectives and performance metrics to ensure the standardization and consistent adherence to brand standards

Continually research and gain insights into current and new trends within the Food and Beverage industry, including the evolution of cooking practices of traditional cuisines i.e. Italian, Indian, Asian etc. Identify new cooking methodologies and techniques and propose recommendations for implementation and evaluation

Continually seek to innovate new culinary practices including food presentation e.g. crockery

Planning and execution of culinary theatrics and display of chefs’ skills

Responsible for the visual merchandising of the kitchen equipment

Maintain ongoing awareness of competitor brands and market conditions through a variety of channels including attendance at relevant culinary events

Support with vendor sourcing, identification and development

Contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the Total Dining Experience (TDE) principles and development process

Provide the strategic direction for sales, operations and promotions

Responsible for the development of new concepts by creating and introducing new menu

Define the appropriate quality of raw materials / ingredients specifications and identify appropriate sourcing channels

Collaborate cross functionally to maximize the efficient operation of the organization

Focus on revenue enhancement, through menu analysis, creation and development of new menu items and improvement of the existing offering

Lead existing teams and drive efforts to recruit and onboard new talent to increase the organization’s excellence and capability

Recruit, train, build and lead the team. Define a clear career path and succession plan for key critical positions within each restaurant and deliver associated development training. Participate in the hiring of new team members in accordance with predefined selection criteria

Develop and coach employees to meet staffing and succession planning needs to operate effectively. If applicable, supervise and/or direct orientation, on-the-job training, in-service training and continual education programs

Lead change through the application of industry transition practices and define the resources and support required to implement such change

Actively support with all pre-opening restaurant activities in accordance with the predefined growth plan


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