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Product Director/Senior Manager Inclinico

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Insilico Medicine is developing next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to accelerate drug discovery and development, while cutting down cost and increasing success rate. The company is constantly making breakthroughs in R&D, launching AI solutions, and advancing its own internal pipeline of small molecule therapeutics. Recently, it announced the nomination of a preclinical candidate for a novel target in fibrosis. The company is planning to start human clinical trials and nominate more preclinical candidates for a variety of diseases with unmet medical needs. Biopharma partnerships are key part of our growth strategy.


Lead software development effort for inClinico- an AI-powered platform for clinical trial outcome prediction.
Work with internal and external stakeholders to capture feedback, and prioritize the features so that once implemented, they have the most significant impact on the product.
Engage in platform-specific external communications with customers from biopharma and the financial industry by creating and giving product demos, presentations and answering questions that come up in a timely manner
Oversee collaborations with multiple third parties and generate value for the organization
Devise and implement a software development roadmap
Review and supervise data collection/aggregation through model building and deployment to ensure robust performance for all predictive and classification algorithms
Be comfortable with hands-on work with cross-functional teams to leverage available resources and build differentiated product features
Perform exploratory R&D and try novel approaches in classification, regression, clustering, NLP, image analysis, knowledge graphs, digital twins, and/or other techniques



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