An engineer and technician is required for a wood company in Kuwait to work with a salary of up to 450 dinars مطلوب مهندس وفني لشركة اخشاب في الكويت للعمل براتب يصل الي 450 دينار

Required engineer ,technician for wood company

  • 1. Design implementation for the customer needs
  • 2. Prepare quotation and drawings and send for approval.
  • 3. Assist production drawings with the help of measurement team
  • 4. This is mostly glass , aluminium, iron works and products, should have minimum knowledge about that
  • 5. Skills, autocad, 3dSketchUp, Ms office
  • 6. On-time submission of quotation,and responsibilities, punctuality
  • 7. Salary -300-450kd based on experience
  • 8. Can be converted to company 18 visa

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