Job opportunities in the field of food and beverages in Kuwait are as follows (8 job opportunities) فرص عمل في مجال الأغذية والمشروبات بالكويت كالتالي ( 8 فرص عمل )

Restaurants in Kuwait Job Openings

F&B Job Openings

  • Pastry Chef (Experienced in Donuts) - Overseas from India.
  • Aspire company is seeking a Pastry Chef from India with expertise in donuts. If you have a passion for pastry and are looking for an opportunity abroad, apply now.
  • Sous Chef (Experienced in Donuts) - Overseas from India
  • Join us as a Sous Chef from India! If you have experience in donuts and a passion for leading a culinary team, apply today.

Burger Chef

  • hiring a Burger Chef! If you have experience in crafting delicious burgers and a passion for cooking, join our F&B team today.
  • Burger Chef Assistant
  • Join us as a Burger Chef Assistant! If you have a love for food and want to support our culinary team, apply now.
  • Pastry Chef (Specialized in Sweet Diet)
  • Aspire is hiring a Pastry Chef specialized in sweet diet recipes.

 If you have experience in creating delicious and healthy pastries, we want you on our team


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